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Photo of Holgate kitchen delivered by Apollo Kitchens with transformational kitchen joinery installation

Transform Your Kitchen with Stylish and Functional Kitchen Joinery in Sydney

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation, one of the largest elements of your project will be the kitchen joinery. Creating the structural foundation for your space, joinery not only adds crucial functionality to a kitchen, but can add value to your home, too. 

Before you embark on your renovation journey, we’ve compiled a handy guide to kitchen joinery and how to maximise its impact on your kitchen design. 


What is kitchen joinery?

As a technical definition, joinery refers to the construction and installation of non-structural timber components in a home. Think more permanent than furniture, but not integral to the home’s structure. 

Joinery, therefore, has a place in many rooms throughout a house, not just a kitchen, though usually the kitchen will require the most joinery elements as part of a new build or renovation.


What are the different components of kitchen joinery? 

Kitchen joinery consists of the following components: 

Cupboards and cabinets

Taking up the largest portion of your kitchen’s footprint, your cupboards and cabinetry will also fulfil crucial functionality needs. These will be the bulk of your storage, and will include both upper and lower cabinetry along with other storage areas like the pantry. 

If you prefer the look of integrated appliances, this is also a consideration for your cupboard joinery. 

Island benches are another consideration when mapping out the cupboards in your new kitchen. Your joiner can build in bespoke storage depending on where your island will be located within the kitchen (for example, will it house appliances or a sink?) or accommodate for additions such as a breakfast bar with additional overhang.


Not only breaking up the appearance of uniform cupboards but also providing variation as to the style of storage in your kitchen, drawers are another key component of kitchen joinery

Drawers can be deep and wide, slim and shallow, or even nest inside each other. The benefit of custom kitchen joinery is that this can be tailored to your needs and your available space. 


To make use of vertical space both internal and external to your cabinetry, shelves are another crucial element of joinery. 

Within storage cupboards or the pantry, your shelving system will inform how you can organise and access items inside. 

You can also build open shelving in place of overhead cupboards, incorporate shelving that blurs the boundaries with adjoining rooms of the home, or add shelves into functional spaces like your cooking zone or your island bench for additional storage. 


Whether you opt for a timber or laminate benchtop, or you prefer the look of stone or marble, your kitchen joinery is an important consideration here, too. 

Your joiner can either help to craft and install your benchtop material, or create templates for your benchtop supplier to facilitate precise measurements.


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What role does kitchen joinery play in my kitchen design? 

A lot of the impact of good joinery will be unseen – it should facilitate easy and efficient use of your kitchen, and ensure it’s a place you enjoy spending time in each day. 

As for the look and feel of your kitchen, joinery can create or enhance many different design styles; everything from country-inspired spaces to coastal kitchens have a style of cabinetry that they are known for. 

And given it takes up so much of your kitchen’s footprint, joinery is also a great way to establish your colour palette. Whether you want a light and bright kitchen or you’re someone who wants to embrace colour in your space, joinery is usually more striking than simply painting a wall. 

No matter how much joinery you incorporate into your new kitchen, it’s an important element that informs just about everything else in this room of the house. Take the time to understand the different joinery options available, speak with a designer to customise joinery to your needs, and consider how your kitchen joinery choices will contribute to your ideal kitchen aesthetic. 

Ready to take the first step towards your new kitchen? Our team of experienced experts can help you to design custom joinery that’s as functional as it is stylish. Contact us to arrange a complimentary consultation, or visit a showroom to see our work and visualise how it could enhance your space.

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