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Trending Textures: Transforming Your Home with Terrazzo

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Perhaps in response to a year stuck indoors, we’re rebelling against all things minimalist when it comes to kitchen design in 2021. 

Where white palettes, smooth surfaces and curated decor were once in demand, we’re instead embracing all things colour, texture and personality in our kitchens this year. 

One such texture that’s having a design moment is terrazzo. It’s more interesting than tiles, combining the look of concrete with just enough pattern to keep it from being boring. 

And coming in a myriad of styles and colour combinations, every kitchen design in Sydney can incorporate terrazzo in some way or another.

Want to take the plunge? Here are our favourite ways to incorporate terrazzo into your home.


Treat yourself to terrazzo tiles 

One of the most durable (and sustainable) materials on the market, terrazzo tiles are a versatile choice for your kitchen. 

They’re easy to clean, polished to a finish that’s similar to natural stone. Make sure you opt for a high quality tile, as cheaply-produced terrazzo can be prone to breakage. You get what you pay for, so choose a tile that will stand the test of time for your kitchen in Sydney

The colours and mixes used also mean you can customise your pattern – from colour combinations down to the size of the flecks. Keep it muted with different shades of one colour or opt for a more eye-catching design. 


Add flecks to your flooring 

Remember how we mentioned terrazzo is a durable material? That makes it a perfect flooring choice for high-traffic areas of your home – like the kitchen. 

When it comes to flooring, terrazzo can be poured directly on-site – so ensure you involve a professional when it comes to incorporating this material. 

The end result means that your flooring will be grout-free, so it’s a low maintenance option for your kitchen in Sydney, great for families or four-legged friends. 


Break up your benchtops 

If you’re looking for a low-maintenance material that’s as easy to clean as it is stylish, then look no further than terrazzo. 

Engineered stone joinery is a great choice for a kitchen or bathroom benchtops. We work with a lot of suppliers who offer ready-made stone solutions that can be customised to suit your style. Whether it’s the colour of your stone or the shape of your edges, you can tailor your terrazzo to match the look and feel of your kitchen. 

Keep harsh acidic cleaning products away from your benches to extend the lifespan of your stone.


Diversify your decor

Terrazzo is also a great material to accent your living spaces with. It’s the perfect way to try the trend and see how you like the texture in your space, before incorporating it more permanently into your kitchen design in Sydney.

One of our favourite ways to do terrazzo is plant pots. The greenery of the plants and the eye-catching patterns of terrazzo are a perfect pairing – choose matching planters for a sense of cohesion, or even opt for different combinations of the same colour palette. 

Servingware also lends itself well to terrazzo. A statement platter, serving bowls or set of plates is a welcome change from monotone crockery and looks great paired with a napkin in the accent colour. 


Terrazzo is just one way you can shake up your kitchen design in Sydney- stuck for other ideas? Check out our eBook, your complete guide to all things kitchen renovation.
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