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Trends in Post-Pandemic Kitchen Design

These times of world health crises have historically had an impact on home architecture. The bubonic plague, for instance, altered habitats during the Middle Ages. The houses at the time received almost no sunshine because the roadways were extremely small lanes. The public area was altered shortly after the disease’s outbreak to improve the dwellings’ access to natural light.


Similarly, the Covid epidemic has made families rethink how they spend time at home. This has caused different areas of the house to have different interior design preferences. This is especially true for the rooms where people spend the most of their time, which include the living room, kitchen, bedroom, and home office.


The heart of the home’s social life is the kitchen. As a result, the majority of homeowners are considering improving this space’s convenience, usability, and comfort. This has led to the emergence of various kitchen design trends that are dominating the building and renovation industry.


When starting your next home remodelling project, you might want to take into account the following kitchen design trends highlighted by our specialists.

Custom panel ready appliances

They definitely have a more upscale, personalised appearance when it comes to kitchen design. Although it may be aesthetically pleasing to disguise appliances so that they resemble cabinetry or blend in, the appliances nonetheless perform the same functions.


While most of the lower end appliance companies do not provide panel ready alternatives, several higher end brands do. Typically, clients will ask the following: “What is the cost difference between a panel-ready appliance and a regular appliance?”.


They are unquestionably more expensive. When compared to their non-paneled counterparts, most panel ready appliances are more expensive overall. The majority of panel ready appliances are produced by higher-end brands at higher prices.


Apollo Kitchens is prepared to assist you in selecting a panel ready alternative to disguising your dishwasher, fridge, and any other appliance that you would like to hide if you enjoy the integrated more decorative aspect of custom panel ready appliances. Have a look at our favourite kitchen joinery examples.

Innovative kitchen space optimizations

Furniture and interior design professionals will devise strategies for making the best use of space as they continue their fixation with clearing clutter from the kitchen. For instance, there is rising demand for walk-in pantries and larger cabinets. 


The need for more space became obvious. This is because we stayed at home longer during the pandemic and realised that larger spaces could be more inviting for our activities. With more overall space, projects that value everyday activities such as cooking, washing clothes, exercising at home, watching television, and eating lunch can be developed. 


In this case, the architectural trend is to think about the rooms of the house in terms of the activities that take place in them. This is reflected in the proper colour, furniture, and coating selection.

Wellness-driven kitchen design

This popular room in a home is about to get a makeover thanks to the wellness kitchen trend, which will make it a better representation of people’s lifestyles.


The use of recycled and green building materials, built-in residential hydroponic growth appliances for growing nutrient-rich sprouts and salads, living walls that not only enhance kitchen design but also serve as a visual reminder of wellness, minimalist design with less clutter, and a greater emphasis on recycling and composting solutions are the most widely-accepted trends expected in the coming days.


The pandemic brought attention to food safety for many people. Small gardens inside of homes or apartments will continue to be popular. Additionally, there is a heightened yearning to interact with nature, to touch the ground, plants, and flowers.


Having the house as a leisure haven. Properties with balconies and plenty of natural light will be even more valuable. The connection to the outdoor area will become a higher priority for providing family entertainment. The trend is towards more integrated environments, as well as an appreciation for items like hammocks and pergolas.

Kitchen islands will continue to be popular

Homeowners have traditionally aimed to maximise the kitchen’s capacity for excellent storage, presentation, and functionality. 


Kitchen islands provide improved storage options, additional seating for having a video conference call while chatting with family members, and other benefits.


Regardless of their purpose, kitchen islands will always be a vital component of the cooking area. See the contrasts between the island benches and the breakfast bar here.

Smart appliances

Every element of daily life has been altered by smart home technology, which has also increased comfort and convenience. Among the most important elements of smart buildings are automation solutions like intercoms, sprinklers, and smart security equipment.


Additionally smart and hands-free, kitchen design of the future. Kitchens are becoming smarter than ever thanks to voice automation, touchless technology, and app-controlled equipment. 


Designers and manufacturers of home appliances will continue to rely on such technology advancements in the years to come to transform the way people clean, store and cook.


The kitchen is the heart of any home, therefore during the pandemic it received a lot of attention and underwent a number of adjustments and improvements.

Our experts have worked on numerous projects throughout the pandemic, and we have been able to advise our clients on the latest developments about trends so that they could design kitchens that will be functional and suit their purposes for many years to come. Contact us today for a personalised consultation.

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