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Introducing The Five-Zone Kitchen

As kitchens get bigger, offering more functionality as the central hub of the home, experts suggest we must rethink the decades old principle of the kitchen triangle, and embrace a new ‘five zone’ approach. What exactly is the five-zone kitchen and should you include it in your kitchen renovation? We’ve got the answers for you. Keep reading!


First off, what is a three-zone kitchen?

The three-zone kitchen is the design you’re most likely to be familiar with. Also known as the kitchen work triangle, this rule stipulates there should be no more than three steps between the refrigerator, stove/oven and sink, and no physical interruptions between these key kitchen design elements. 


What’s changed?

More emphasis today is being placed on the kitchen being the home’s heart, and less on it being merely an area for food preparation. With the advent of the open plan layout, kitchens have transformed in recent years to become a place where families cook, eat, work and socialise. As such, the way the kitchen, dining and living areas are connected has evolved, with designers experimenting with joinery, colours, lighting and textures, to create the ideal living and entertaining space. 


So what is the five-zone kitchen?

If a three-zone kitchen comprises a cooking, cleaning and consumables zone, a five-zone kitchen makes allowances for storage and food prep, with a non-consumables and a preparation zone. We’ll break these down for you. 


Cooking zone: the oven and stove.

Cleaning zone: nowadays thanks to dishwashers, it’s not just one area. The cleaning zone will often be positioned in a left-to-right movement from dirty to clean, moving from the bin, to sink and dishwasher. 

Consumables zone: where you house your food, whether it’s the pantry or fridge. The consumables zone also includes bench space for unpacking after shopping. 

Non-consumables zone: storage for pots, pans and plates.

Preparation zone: generally an island bench, with plenty of uninterrupted space. 


The modern five-zone kitchen will generally be a multi-purpose space, with areas for sitting, socialising and of course, food prep and storage.


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