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Simple Ways to Lead a Greener Lifestyle

We’ve written in the past about ways to integrate eco-friendly principles into your overall kitchen design – but what about everyday actions you can take to reduce waste at home?

With a wave of media attention growing around the impact of waste on our planet, people are becoming even more invested in actions they can take to reduce their global footprint.

Here at Apollo Kitchens, sustainability is at our core, so we’re passionate about finding ways to reduce waste in our kitchen designs and in our day-to-day lives. Here are our top tips for how to live your best eco-friendly lifestyle, without sacrificing on luxury.

Invest in quality appliances

While the cost might be higher at the outset, higher-end appliances can give you a world of difference when it comes to saving energy, cutting down on costs and reducing waste.

Look for appliances with the highest star ratings. Higher ratings means the appliances uses less energy or water than similar goods with lower star ratings. This is an easy way to reduce your impact without having to do a thing beyond the initial research and purchase.

Not only this, but a high-end appliance may also give you other interesting features, like WiFi connectability to control temperatures remotely,

Separate waste

Install several small bins in a cupboard to separate waste, compostables and recyclables while you’re in the kitchen. This will make it simpler to transport your waste to the bins outside – and will mean you have plenty of compostable material on hand to grow your own produce with.

Create zero-waste kits

To stop the temptation to reach for the cling wrap – or to take home plastic bags from the supermarket – build a zero-waste kit and keep it handy in a kitchen drawer.

  • Stainless steel or bamboo straws look elegant and minimal and have far less impact on the environment than plastic. They’ll last a lifetime and they’re easy to clean with a purpose-designed brush.
  • Instead of cling wrap, invest in beeswax wax wraps. Constructed of material that’s been sealed with melted-down beeswax, these wraps will keep your food crisp and fresh. Plus, they’re reusable, which saves you money on rolls of wrap.
  • Food containers that keep food fresher: Innovations in food technology mean brands are constantly coming up with new ways to keep food fresh, including containers with date dials so you can set expiries, and containers that link to your phone to notify you when your produce is about to go off.

From solar power to sustainable timber and ethically sourced cotton, there are many other ways to make your kitchen sustainable. Follow these tips when you’re set up in your kitchen. If you haven’t yet renovated and are still in the planning stage, read our post on how to integrate eco-friendly principles into your kitchen design, or how to add greenery to your interior design.

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