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The True Savings of Using a Professional for Your Renovation

It’s only natural that when renovating your kitchen, you want to oversee the project. After all, it is your kitchen, and it should end up looking exactly as you had envisioned. Everybody has their idea on how the kitchen is going to look upon completion, and this may give them the belief that they can go about it completely alone. However, the reality of commencing a kitchen renovation without the necessary skills and experience can be a grim one. Simply put, you can end up blowing your budget and completing the renovation months (if not years!) after the desired timespan.

Conversely, there are great advantages of avoiding the risks of DIY renovation and choosing an experienced contractor to complete the job. We here at Apollo Kitchens would like to share those advantages with you.


Whilst many home magazines will tell you that DIY-renovations will save you money, they fail to tell you the financial ramifications of messing up the DIY project. The only thing that you can potentially (and it’s a big potentially) save money on is labour costs. You will still be paying for all necessary equipment and supplies at store prices. Professional contractors are able to purchase appliances, equipment and supplies at wholesale prices, thus making this aspect of the budget cheaper for you.

Furthermore, there’s the all-too-often scenario that DIY’ers make big mistakes on a section of their renovation. When this occurs, they have to reorder appliances and hire a contractor to pick up the proverbial pieces of their error.

For example, say you have drawn up a rough sketch for where your sink will be placed and used it as gospel. However, you soon realise that the measurements you took and the appliances you ordered don’t match the sketch.

This truly is an absolute disaster, and something the team at Apollo Kitchens see on a regular basis. Not only will you have to order a whole new sink to match the design but you will probably want to cut your losses and hire a contractor. By this point you have more than likely blown your overall budget and wasted plenty of time doing so.


When undertaking a kitchen renovation, you want the job done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Naturally, you will have to go without access to elements of the kitchen throughout the renovation (water, electricity etc.) and the more this drags on the more frustrating the process becomes. As a DIY renovator with little experience you may find yourself training as you go, and this takes up ample time that could be used focusing on other endeavours.

By hiring an experienced, professional contractor, you are enlisting the services of someone who can get the job done quickly and exactly how you envisioned it. They will listen to your requests and desires for the completed design and, with their skills and talent in the job, go to work on completing the renovation within the allotted time and to absolute perfection.


Attempting to complete a kitchen renovation by yourself or with a partner or friend can be incredibly taxing both physically and mentally. The stress of negotiating designs, installing appliances, building cabinets, shelves, benches and splashbacks can be enough to send a remodelling novice completely bonkers. If you are inexperienced in the renovating field even the most simplistic of tasks can become a demanding and tiresome experience.

Things like taking measurements, drilling and fitting of plumbing systems may sound like rudimentary tasks to tick off the easy renovation checklist, but when not done correctly can cause major problems for the renovation.

Project Management 

A professional contractor has the ability to see the big picture. They can produce a highly detailed design and plan of your renovation that will ensure a smooth and successful project. They can produce a highly refined vision of the project all the way to its completion. They will work with you to hone it to your own desired outcome, and with this produce a renovation that will far exceed your expectations. The experienced contractor has their method in place: they can see, and therefore actively prevent, all the obstacles that may arise before they do so.

The contractor will define the features, purpose, practicality and scope of the project and therefore are an effective choice for project management. Their guidance will save you on all of the aforementioned problems that are attributed to DIY renovating.

Contact the Experts 

Now that you know the ways in which selecting a professional contractor can save you on time, money and stress, why not get in contact with the professionals at Apollo Kitchens? With over 50 years of experiencing in remodelling Sydney, the Central Coast and Newcastle’s kitchens, you can trust that when you have your renovation completed by us, it will be a cost-efficient and stress-free experience.

Feel free to call us on 1300 90 80 90, submit an enquiry form on our contact page or come into one of our showrooms located throughout New South Wales.

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