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How Updating Your Kitchen Can Mean Updating Your Life

We may not know it, but the kitchen is quite often the most sociable room in the house.

Whether it be cooking dinner together, sharing a coffee in the afternoon, or gathering around the benchtop for breakfast, there’s no denying food brings people together.

With that in mind, if the kitchen is the heart of the home, it makes the most sense that it’s one room you’d want to be perfectly in tune with your lifestyle.

Given the current state of the housing market, packing up and going for a sea change is probably not the most viable option for one looking to update their living quarters.

Why take a gamble on a new house, when all you might really need is a new kitchen?

We’ve summed up a few of the key ways a new kitchen can have a positive impact on your life.

Renovation adds value

Although you may not be looking to sell right away, it’s always important to bear in mind how valuable your home is, and it’s often the kitchen that can play a big role in determining just how much your place is worth.

Knowing where to splurge and where to save is important when it comes to a kitchen reno.

Investing in quality over quantity by choosing fewer, top of the line pieces for your new kitchen will ensure longevity, ease of use and, of course, value.

Something as seemingly thoughtless as a high-end tap fitting can sell a house, and if you’re not moving, it doesn’t hurt to have something luxe at your disposal.

Don’t underestimate the power of a kitchen makeover.

Functionality equals fun

People that avoid spending time in the kitchen often do so because the space isn’t suited to their needs.

Equipping your kitchen with modern, innovative technology is, of course, a sure fire way to up the monetary value of the home, just as much as it will increase your enjoyment of it.

Taking full advantage of a renovation by investing in the latest smart cabinetry solutions and open-plan design allows you to think of your kitchen as a well-thought, secondary living space you enjoy using.

Finishes like shallow pantry shelves and in-built appliances make the experience of cooking seamless, allowing more time to entertain guests, or spend with the family.

Having an updated kitchen with increased counter space, new appliances and an all-round new look will undoubtedly encourage you to stay home and cook, saving you time and money on eating out.

A new kitchen is a new state of mind

Anyone with a culinary bone in their body knows how important it is to have a neat, organised kitchen.

A renovation is a perfect opportunity for all of us Betty Crockers to get our Marie Kondo on and devise a fresh, orderly system for food preparation.

Innovative storage solutions like corner drawers and island bench storage mean you can maximise the utility of your space, and updating the kitchen gives you the chance to systemise the way you store appliances, containers and crockery.

After all, a tidy house makes a tidy mind, as the saying goes.

Because the kitchen is the one room in the house where you spend time at all hours of the day, morning, noon and night, investing in a new kitchen means investing in a whole new lifestyle.

Contact the team at Apollo Kitchens to chat about the best way to approach creating your new lifestyle.

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