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Using Warm, Earthy Tones in Your Kitchen Design

This year, we’re saying goodbye to all-white minimalist kitchens and hello to a nature-inspired colour palette. 

While white still has its place in kitchen design, this year we’re all about getting back to our roots and incorporating earthy tones. 

The beauty of earth-inspired hues is that they can actually be very diverse, and can fill the role of neutral base colour without being one-dimensional like white. 

Plus, you can experiment with textures and materials to bring another layer of dimension to your kitchen.

Ready to embrace earthy tones in your kitchen in Sydney? Read on to learn how you can incorporate this design trend.


Curate your colour palette

When we say ‘earth tones,’ we’re really referring to any colour that finds its roots in nature. This includes your traditional warm colours like rich red-brown, rust and terracotta, but also spans across the colour wheel to include more muted tones like sage green. This can be a striking choice for kitchen cabinetry or brought in through your wall colour or decor choices.

If using more natural materials, you’ll also want to consider their underlying hues as well – whether you prefer the lighter look of wicker or the deep red of jarrah wood. 

From here, you can build a colour scheme around your central hues – pairing with colours like off-white or cream, light yellows and blues, and salmon pink to complement your deeper warm tones for kitchen cupboards. 


Try tiles 

One often overlooked way you can bring earth tones into your kitchen is through your choice of flooring. While wooden floorboards are often an obvious choice, don’t rule out terracotta tiling. 

As easy to clean and durable as they are stylish, terracotta tiles can also help to create a seamless flow between your kitchen and outdoor area. 

The perfect transition to embracing earth tones if you’ve got all-white kitchen cabinetry, these tiles pair just as well with monochromatic hues as they do with other warm colours.  


Bring warmth with wood

Playing with natural textures in your kitchen is another way to bring depth and dimension to your space, and timber offers a variety of colours, shades and textures to choose from. 

Cabinetry is the obvious choice when it comes to wood in the kitchen – this can work well with a lighter contrasting colour like sage green or cream for your overhead kitchen cupboards if you don’t like the all-wood look. 

Below the eyeline, floorboards are a classic inclusion for an earthy kitchen. Opt for a matte finish over gloss to keep things feeling rustic. 

And don’t forget to look up – exposed timber beams can help to break up an otherwise traditional kitchen, bringing character and making your space feel more relaxed. 


Redecorate with rattan 

Once you’ve nailed the big-ticket items in your new earth-inspired kitchen design, it’s time to add the finishing touches with your decor. 

Rattan has been surging in popularity over the past year or so – perhaps the next best thing to travelling to an island resort, rattan brings a laid back coastal feel to your space. It’s a great contrast to clean lines and pairs well with lots of different colours and styles. Similar to Hampton kitchen styles.

Be bold and replace the panelling in your kitchen cabinetry with rattan (we love this paired with lighter timber tones), or style your breakfast bar with rattan stools for a pared-back look. 

Wicker is also a great choice for decor. Often confused with rattan (which is the name of the natural material), wicker is the style of weaving – this can be used across a range of materials like bamboo, straw, and even rattan. 

For more wicker decor ideas, check out our recent blog on using wicker in your kitchen.


Our team of design experts at Apollo Kitchens can help you to create the earthy-inspired kitchen of your dreams – why not contact us for an obligation-free consultation? Visit our kitchen showrooms in Central Coast, Sydney and Newcastle. See some of our previous work and get inspired by downloading our renovation eBook.

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