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Questions to Ask The Experts Before Commencing Your Kitchen Renovation

Often, the decision to undertake a Sydney kitchen renovation is one that you will plan for and consider for a long period of time. It’s a big investment and a process that’s deeply personal, so working with an experienced contractor who can put you at ease will have a significant impact on your experience both before and during your project. 

As part of finding the right contractor to help you make your dream kitchen a reality, there are a few questions to run through with any potential contractor. To make the most of your consultation, here’s what you should be asking before progressing further with your renovation.   


How long will my kitchen renovation take?

It’s probably the question homeowners are most anxious to have answered and one that your contractor has likely been asked countless times before. The question of time will depend on the size of your project and what you want to achieve with your renovation.

While the fit-out itself may only take a week, there’s a lot that goes into a renovation before a contractor even steps foot on your property – consultations, designing custom joinery in Sydney, and in some cases obtaining permits and readying your house will all add to the timeline of work. 

Make sure you leave ample time between when you’ll approach a contractor and when you’d like your project finished by – it’s always a good idea to allow for some additional time as a buffer in case things don’t go to plan.


How much will the works cost?

Setting a budget and understanding what’s achievable in your price range is an important step for both you and your contractor in planning your renovation. 

While your kitchen design can be accommodated to suit varying budgets, we recommend you budget around $15,000 as a starting point (excluding appliances) for a general update.

When you start to go cheaper than this benchmark, it’s likely that you’ll need to compromise on at least one element of your kitchen – whether that be materials, workmanship or something else.

Apollo Kitchens has over 50 years of experience in designing custom joinery in Sydney. We’ve helped thousands of homeowners create their dream kitchens within their budget, with award-winning designs in every price bracket.


Will I have access to my home?

Access to your home and kitchen will be impacted by the comings and goings of tradespeople as your kitchen undergoes its facelift, so it’s important to manage your expectations during this process.

Get an understanding of which areas you’ll be sharing and when you can expect the kitchen to be handed over so you can plan accordingly. We’ve outlined what you can expect during this time (and how to survive a Sydney kitchen renovation) in another blog – you can read it here


Is my design achievable?

To get the most out of your initial consultation, it’s a good idea to come up with a few general opinions of what you want to include in your new kitchen design. This will help them understand how you use your kitchen and how it can be made as functional as possible.

If you’re not sure where to get started, browsing through our past projects can help spark your inspiration and let you see how we’ve transformed kitchens similar to yours.

Once you’ve outlined your proposed design ideas and ideal budget, your contractor should be able to tell you whether it’s achievable. Otherwise, they’ll have suggestions if you need to compromise on some elements to align with your ideal price.

Our rule of thumb – it’s better to invest in quality over quantity. When approaching a renovation, we’ll always suggest investing in a few high-impact, high-quality elements rather than trying to hit everything in one go.

Feeling inspired to get started on your kitchen renovation? Set up an obligation-free consultation with one of our designers to discuss how we can help make your dream kitchen a reality.

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