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Bespoke vs Box: When and When Not to Customise

Investing in custom joinery for your home can often mean the difference between a space that is well-optimised for storage and functionality, and one that is lacking. Working with a custom kitchen joiner like Apollo Kitchens means no stone is left unturned – designers can often see potential in areas of your home that you may have overlooked. Keep reading to learn why custom kitchen joinery could be the right fit for your next renovation. 


If you want to add value ahead of sale

It’s a well-known fact that a new kitchen can be an instant value-add. Given that the kitchen is the heart of the home, potential buyers will often make a decision on a house based on whether they see value and functionality in this space. It’s essential, therefore, to invest in cohesive kitchen joinery that has designed to make the most of the area in your home. 

A custom-built kitchen will cost you more upfront, so it should come as no surprise to learn it will also fetch you more at sale time. Potential buyers will be able to tell the difference between high-quality craftsmanship and the same box-built kitchen they’ve seen in a dozen rental properties. 

When going custom, it is crucial to choose a base style that will complement a few design trends. This will help buyers imagine themselves within your space.


If you want to maximise storage

If your house is lacking in smart storage options, it’s definitely worth your while to invest in custom joinery. For starters, a kitchen designer will see potential in your space that you otherwise wouldn’t have. You’ll also find it difficult to find cabinets in a home renovation store that fit perfectly. And then you have to install them yourself!

Opting to work with a kitchen joiner will also mean if you decide to take out any walls for more space or you want to upgrade to a butler’s pantry, you won’t have to juggle the tasks of engaging contractors yourself. A qualified joiner can work out the best options for whichever space you’re updating, and organise the rest of the team to create your dream kitchen safely, and on time. And, they’ll have tips and tricks up their sleeve to help you make the most of it. 


If you want quality, sustainably-made materials

Apollo Kitchens’ state-of-the-art Smart Factory uses intelligent technology to manufacture bespoke joinery for homes of all shapes and sizes. When you choose an Apollo Kitchen over a flat pack, modular option like you might find at Bunnings or Ikea, you’re committing to a kitchen built for you, and built to last.


Ready for a new kitchen but overwhelmed by the thought of doing it yourself? Apollo Kitchens has over 50 years of experience providing bespoke kitchens for families all over NSW. Contact us for a quote today.

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