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Why Decorative Custom Joinery is Dominating Design Trends this Year

While much thought is given to the layout of custom joinery within a space, it’s not immediately thought of as a major design element. 

This is all set to change in 2022, with joinery becoming the centrepiece of office, living room and kitchen designs in Sydney.

With more of an emphasis on form alongside function, joinery is becoming as much of a design statement as it is a convenient source of storage in the home. 

Here’s why decorative custom joinery is trending in the interiors world right now. 


It adds a splash of colour

Gone are the days where cabinets or shelves needed to be in white or wood tones to avoid detracting from your overall design aesthetic. 

Coloured cabinetry is trending in every room of the house, from your kitchen cupboards and island bench to your bathroom vanity and even the storage in your mudroom.

Opt for jewel tones like navy or emerald, or earthy tones like rust or warm bone to brighten your space through custom joinery without committing to painting all your walls. 


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It creates a cohesive theme

Certain design styles can’t just be invoked through your colour palette – there are specific design elements that can turn white cabinets and benchtops from a Scandi-inspired space into a coastal kitchen. 

A choice as small as your door profile can have a large impact on the style of your kitchen. A shaker style door invokes a Hamptons feel, while vertical panelling (also known as tongue and groove panelling) can skew coastal or country depending on your other design choices. 

As an extension of this, your door hardware also plays a role here. Opting for concealed finger pulls and skipping the handles altogether creates a sleek, modern profile with uninterrupted joinery throughout your whole space; while a knob versus a long, slim handle also have completely different feels to them. 


It adds depth and contrast 

Another way we’re seeing homeowners play with their custom joinery? Throwing out the rulebook when it comes to colour, and using two or even three different tones throughout a single space. 

A monochrome palette is perfect for those just dipping their toes in the water. Opting for a darker colour for your island bench in the kitchen, your vanity in the bathroom, your underbench cupboards in the laundry or your entertainment unit cabinets below the TV, use a lighter colour on top to draw the eye upwards and create the illusion of space. The darker colour also works well as an accent, in the case of the island bench for example, and helps to create a focal point in the space. 

Using wood as a contrast to colour is also a trending choice for joinery. Pair wood with a cool-toned colour like grey or sage green to balance out the room. 


Our team is always at the forefront of new trends and has the experience to incorporate them into your design in a way that will look great for years to come. Get in touch with us for an initial consultation, where we can discuss your project in more detail and share some more design inspiration for your home.
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