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Why is 2020 Still The Best Year to Renovate?

2020 has been a trying year in many ways and has seen us spend more time than ever at home and in our kitchens. At Apollo Kitchens, we have seen a surge in kitchen renovations from homeowners who want to make changes to their kitchens in Sydney.

We have also noticed that those who once worked a busy nine to five-day job now have more time to research, budget for and embark on the central coast kitchen renovation of their dreams.


Read on to find out why 2020 has been, and still remains the best year to renovate your kitchen. 


Time to plan

Kitchen renovations take a long time and require lengthy planning, not to mention the interruptions that come into play during construction. 

The average length of a kitchen renovation is five months. When it comes to kitchen planning, including budgeting and contracting, this whole process can take around 11 months in total. Out of the entire house, a kitchen renovation tends to take the longest, which has made it the perfect project to take on in 2020. 

With so much extra time on our hands, 2020 has been the perfect year to plan a Sydney kitchen renovation. If you’re considering a renovation, optimise this time by drawing inspiration from social media, zoom conferences with friends at home and all the time you have spent binge-watching home improvement tv shows.  


Saved money 

Prior to 2020, you might have found a kitchen renovation was something you put on the back burner. Perhaps you chose to spend your hard-earned money on an overseas holiday. 

With the pandemic halting any future travel plans for the majority of Australians, now is the perfect time to put your savings towards a kitchen renovation. 

With entertainment outlets closed, less money spent on transport and dining out — saving and budgeting is now so much easier. This year might be the right time to put your savings towards a long term investment, like your Sydney kitchen renovation.  


Time to change the environment 

The average person in Sydney and the Central Coast has spent more time than ever before inside their homes in 2020. Perhaps you have noticed damages to your kitchen that you finally have the time to address.  Use this time inside to make a list of what you like and dislike about your current kitchen design. Start by creating a kitchen mood board and giving us a call to start planning your Sydney kitchen renovation. 


Increase value to your property

A kitchen is what often will sell a house to a potential buyer. If you will plan to flip your house in the next one to five years, we suggest giving your kitchen a makeover now. 

This way you can enjoy your new Sydney kitchen sooner, and increase the value of your property when it comes to selling. 


There is still time left in 2020 to renovate 

Our talented Sydney-based designers can work with you to discover exactly what you need for your 2020 kitchen renovation. 

We will make the very best use of the space, ensuring your kitchen offers the ultimate functionality along with a cutting-edge, beautiful design. 

We take into account your unique needs, adding innovative storage solutions and energy-saving options along with the very latest smart technology, to provide you with a Sydney kitchen fit for the future.


Looking for more kitchen design inspiration? We created an exclusive eBook that showcases all the best kitchen trends for 2020. Download here, now.

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