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Why You’ll Be Seeing Sage Green Kitchens Everywhere in 2021

As we move into a new year, we’re shifting our focus to emerging trends in the kitchen design space. From big ticket things like joinery right down to styling tips and tricks, there’s always a new trend to incorporate into your kitchen. 

Ask any kitchen design consultant about the biggest trends to hit our kitchens in 2021, and they’ll likely mention the sage green colour palette. It’s having a resurgence this year as we are seeing outdoor-indoor living become increasingly popular, with kitchens now blurring the lines between the two.


Taking its cue from nature, sage green adds life into the space without being too overwhelming – a great choice for those who want to dip their toes into the world of colourful kitchens without going overboard. 

So, what is it about sage green that works so well in a kitchen, and how can you add pops of this hue into your space in 2021? 


Sage green is the new neutral

One of our favourite things about sage green is its versatility – a chameleon of the colour wheel, sage green pairs well with a variety of colours and materials. 

Whether you have timber elements, stone or concrete surfaces, plain white panelling or accent hardware – sage green goes well with just about anything. This makes it a perfect alternative to traditional neutral colours. 

And if you’re one of many Australians who has picked up an interest in indoor plants, then sage green makes a great backdrop to highlight the foliage in your space. 


Sage green is flexible 

So you like the idea of introducing sage green into your kitchen, but you’re not sure how to go about it? Good news – it will look good no matter how you choose to incorporate it.

For a fresh take on the neutral kitchen, opt for sage green cabinetry paired with a marble or timber benchtop. Matte black or a brushed metal like gold or brass makes a great choice for door hardware to complete the look. 

Don’t want to commit to that much green? Consider using it as an accent for shelving or your pantry door for an unexpected pop of colour that doesn’t detract from the rest of your space. 

And of course, you can always start small with your decor to see how you like how sage green works in your space before bringing on a kitchen design consultant to take the next step. 


Sage green can be customised 

Chances are the shade that springs to mind when you think of sage green is a little different from person to person – and that’s because there are actually a few shades of green that can be classified as ‘sage.’ 

First of all, lightness and darkness come into play. A lighter, more pastel shade of green will help to make your space feel light and airy – functioning more like a neutral. Deeper sage tones will make your kitchen feel more cosy, though be wary in small spaces if using this as your main shade as it can make your kitchen feel smaller than it is. 

Next, consider what kind of undertone you prefer in a green. While grey is the main undertone which helps to differentiate sage from mint, you can still play with the amount of warmth or coolness to customise your shade. 

Opt for more yellow if you prefer a crisp, summer feel; or choose a blue-toned green for a washed out, coastal look.


Now you’ve got the rundown on what’s tipped to be one of the most popular colour palettes in 2021, it’s time to think about how it could work best in your home. If you’re still unsure, you can get in touch with us and one of our kitchen design consultants can help make this trend unique to your kitchen. 

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