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Your Ultimate Kitchen Layout Guide for 2021

When commencing a renovation, the layout you choose for your new kitchen will be dependent on a few factors. Your family size, the size of your home, and how frequently you cook are just some chief concerns. Kitchen manufacturers are both knowledgeable where functionality is concerned and trend-savvy, meaning whatever your wants and needs for your new kitchen layout, you’re in safe hands.

The layout of your kitchen is one of the first major decisions you’ll make in the renovation process, and it’s one you want to get right. We’ve put together a handy guide for creating the best custom kitchen layout for you. 


Consider your current kitchen first

Totally gutting your existing kitchen, replacing plumbing and gas fixtures can be an expensive undertaking. To save on unnecessary costs, consider where these vital kitchen elements live in your space and plan your new kitchen layout around them. The size of your current kitchen will also dictate which layouts you can opt for, and if you don’t have the budget to make large-scale structural changes to your home like knocking out walls, you should take this into account and adjust your wishlist accordingly.


Don’t forget the kitchen work triangle

You may have an idea about where certain things might look best in your kitchen, but if you’re not thinking about the kitchen work triangle when you’re deciding on placements, you won’t have a truly functional kitchen. The work triangle dictates your fridge, sink and cooktop should be equidistant (at about 1200mm) in the form of a triangle. Positioning these essential stations in this way minimises movement and interruptions for whoever is cooking.


Now that we’ve got the essentials down, it’s time to choose a layout!



The U-shape is fairly self-explanatory. This style is suitable for larger kitchen spaces and can be complemented with an island bench in the centre. It also makes a great layout for families. Smaller kitchens can also be designed with U-shape layouts, however when choosing cabinet colours and styles, dark tones can create the illusion of even less space, so it’s important to be mindful of your choices here. 



Suitable for smaller kitchens, long spaces and open-plan areas alike, the L-shape layout gives you a bit more freedom to move throughout your kitchen. You also get a bit more length where bench space is concerned, giving you better accessibility and ease during meal prep.



Galley kitchens are great for avid home cooks or frequent entertainers. Well-suited to open-plan kitchen and living areas, the galley kitchen has two rows of benches – usually a long back wall and a peninsula or island in front. Galley kitchens make it easy to divide the space into distinct working areas, with plenty of accessibility. Talk to your kitchen manufacturer about designing a galley-style kitchen that marries in style with the rest of your home.

All of these kitchen layouts can be reconfigured depending on the size of your kitchen. For example, you can add a custom kitchen breakfast bar to just about any kitchen layout. If you’re low on space but keen on storage, try a straight-line kitchen with an adjacent wall of floor-to-ceiling cupboards. In open plan homes, your dining table can double as extra bench space when you need it. 


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