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Apollo Kitchens is one of Australia’s leading kitchen manufacturer’s. We are the ultimate one-stop shop for all your residential and commercial kitchen design, installation and renovation needs. 

We have a strong reputation of innovative and flexible design, exceptional service and expert craftsmanship in installation and renovation of kitchens. Sydney and Newcastle residents, as well as many Australian interior designers, commercial developers and builders consider us their number one choice.

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• New Kitchen Installations

We manage every detail of your kitchen installation. All installations are highly customized to suit your unique needs and personal tastes. We apply the highest industry based standards in layout design to ensure high functionality, convenience and attractive cooking/ dining spaces.

Our portfolio features a wide variety of layout options, including peninsula, gallery/ parallel, l-shape, among others. We work collaboratively with each home owner to ensure the most convenient zoning that will enable maximum efficiency and maneuverability.

All fixtures are deliberately selected to fit the particular usage: either heavy commercial use or light home applications. This ensures that you pay only for what you need. Appliances are also selected based on efficiency (based on the highest ratings of the Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards (WELS) Scheme). Each selection also enhances the overall look within the cooking space.

We are always in touch with all the latest innovations, which we incorporate within each installation. Such innovations enable maximum utilization of available space, easy access of food preparation items and reduced clutter. Some innovative fixtures include pull-out units, folding doors, and corner drawers, among others.

The most durable and presentable materials are selected for table tops, cabinet doors and wall panels. A wide variety of finishes and colors are available to produce an enchanting and presentable layout.

Even as we strive to deliver the best designs, we also ensure that your installation costs remain affordable. Our all-inclusive package ensures that local council fees, permits and levies are all catered for.

Kitchen Renovations

Renovations are not simply patching up an old kitchen, but transforming it to look as good as new or even better.

We deliver affordable, timely and personalized renovations that improve the functionality, look and convenience within all Kitchens. Newcastle and Sydney residents can expect our expert designers to assess all critical issues that need improvement, ranging from inefficient zoning to unappealing layouts. By transforming such issues, your maneuverability, cooking/ food preparation times and many other aspects can be significantly improved.

A wide variety of efficient appliances are available, which our team of expert craftsmen can install professionally. We don’t just create captivating dream kitchens, but we also ensure that such spaces are also energy efficient and cost-effective. We always install efficient appliances and create sufficient lighting and proper ventilation. This reduces electricity and water bills and ensures a healthy environment.

Safety is a critical aspect that you should always expect from an expert kitchen remodeler. We realize that majority of household fires during winter start from the kitchen; therefore we ensure that all safety features are properly installed. This also means proper layouts that give necessary clearance and minimal obstructions. Proper placement of appliances and professional fitting of utilities are also key features.

Our Team

We have a professional team that includes expert designers and specialist tradesmen. Our capable team ensures that every appliance or fixture fits your specific needs and preferences. We always work closely with every home-owner to develop highly-functional, personalized, affordable and beautiful kitchens.

To find out more, visit our Sydney showroom, our Newcastle showroom, or call 1300 908 090 or email sales@apollokitchens.com.au